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Every individual, family or small business should have access to exceptional legal representation and that attorneys collaborating in regular team meetings provide a winning edge.

  • We use technological efficiencies to focus our time on tasks that really make a difference in achieving cost effective results for our clients.
  • We hold weekly team meetings where your personal attorney presents your case to our colleagues. We brainstorm options and debate strategies.

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Oregon Injury Attorney »
Auto Accidents, Workers' Compensation, Motorcycle, Bicycle, Dog Bite
Our Lawyers help you recover for your losses. If you’ve been injured in an accident, auto accident, motorcycle accident, injured while on the job, or have workers compensation claims, contact us today.
» Personal Injury Details
Family Law »
Divorce, Custody, Adoption
Our Family Law Attorneys are experienced in Oregon Divorce law, custody, support parenting time and more.
» Family Law Details
Business »
Business Operations, Entity Advice
Business Attorneys advise small and modest sized businesses. We will take care of all your business law needs, from simple contracts to buying or selling your entire business.
» Business Law Details
Criminal Law »
Theft, Domestic Violence, Drugs
Our Lawyers guide you through every stage of the process. Contact with police, arrest, criminal charges, court appearances, plea negotiations and trial.
» Criminal Law Details
Estate Planning »
Basic & Complex Estate Plans
Estate Planning Attorneys create comprehensive estate plans, wills, trusts, or transfers on death. Our experienced Lawyers will save you and your family from unnecessary expense.
» Estate Planning Details
Portland DUI Attorney »
DMV Hearings, DUI Trials
Everyone makes mistakes. Our DUI Lawyers provide professional, compassionate criminal defense representation.
» Portland DUI Attorney Details
Real Estate »
Residential & Commercial Transactions
If you need an experienced Real Estate Attorney, contact us now. We know and understand Oregon real estate law. Whether you’re buying or selling property, or have a real estate dispute, we can help.
» Real Estate Law Details
Probate, Guardianships »
Estates, Conservatorships, Will Contests
Probate Attorneys help settle estates by resolving claims and distributing property to rightful heirs. We will guide you through the difficult probate process.
» Probate Details
Immigration Law »
Family and Business
Family and Employment Visas, Asylum, Deportation, Naturalization, Citizenship.
» Immigration Law Details
Employment Law »
Discrimination & Wrongful Termination
We are highly accomplished in Oregon and Federal Employment law, discrimination, wage and hour claims, harassment, and retaliation.
» Employment Law Details
Litigation »
Suing & Being Sued
Our Trial Lawyers are accomplished in business and personal litigation. If you’re being sued, or have a claim, contact us now.
» Litigation Details
Bankruptcy »
Personal & Business Bankruptcies
We refer all of our bankruptcy cases to Hackett & Harris, Oregon Bankruptcy Lawyers who focus 100% on bankruptcy law.
» Oregon Bankruptcy Details

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Harris Law Firm offers a free 15 minute interview to see if one of our attorneys can meet your legal needs. This interview includes you providing a brief outline of your legal matter, and a discussion of our legal philosophy and how we would approach your case. It also includes a summary of our fees. It does not include an in depth consultation or giving of legal advice regarding your particular case. For that, you must schedule a legal consultation, for which there is a charge. A legal interview DOES NOT create an attorney client relationship. It is for background information only so that you can determine if you would like to retain our services.

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