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1) Business Entity Choice
2) Entity Formation
3) Trademark - Internet Business Law
4) Negotiation - Contracts
5) Buying & Selling a Business

Entrepeneurs seeking to start a business, or needing legal advice for an existing business, in the State of Oregon, Washington County, Multnomah County, Clackamas County, or any other Oregon county should be begin by contacting a qualified and experienced business lawyer or attorney. The Harris Law Firm PC provides full service business attorney services to small businesses that are either setting up a business in Oregon, or are currently in business seeking competent attorney advice.

The Harris Law Firm PC provides the following services:

  • Choice of Entity: We assist in determining what choice of entity fits best for you. For most of our business clients, this means that they will choose between an LLC (a limited liability company), and corporation, or an S-Corporation (also known as an S-Corp). Other possibilities include general partnerships, joint ventures, and sole proprietorships. Business attorneys Rob Harris and Lawrence Vergun at the Harris Law Firm have over 40 years of combined experience in helping you make the right choice.
  • Entity Formation: After determining which entity is right for you, the Harris Law Firm prepares all necessary documents to form your entity. In doing so, we also discuss with you other important issues, such as buy-sell agreements, restrictions on transfer, rights of shareholders (or LLC members) in the event of disagreements and dissolution of the entity, and rights of shareholder (or LLC member's) families in the event of the death of an owner. Getting everything clear from the onset is vital to the smooth operations of your business.
  • Trademark and Internet Issues: Virtually every business today has a presence over the Internet. This is true even if your business does not have a website! Attorneys Rob Harris and Lawrence Vergun at the Harris Law Firm are knowledgeable about business names, trademarks and domain names. The key issues concerning trademark and the Internet is whether your business may run into a business dispute with another business because customers may be confused by similar business names and/or similar domain names.
  • Negotiation and Preparation of Contracts: The attorneys at the Harris Law Firm work hard to negotiate the most favorable terms to your business agreements. Attorneys Rob Harris and Lawrence Vergun at the Harris Law Firm have successfully represented vendors, employees, and creditors of companies of every size, both within Beaverton and other nearby communities throughout the greater Portland, Oregon area. Whether you are seeking a Beaverton business lawyer, or a lawyer that practices throughout Washington, Clackamas, and Multnomah Counties, your first place to seek competent attorney advice is the Harris Law Firm.
  • Buying and Selling a Business: Attorneys Rob Harris and Lawrence Vergun at the Harris Law Firm are skilled in advising business clients on the sale or purchase of businesses, including all of the following: restaurants, professional practices, retail stores, car repair shops, agricultural properties, wineries, farms, medical and chiropractic services, Internet based companies, construction companies, contractor companies, health care establishments, security services, mini marts, marketing service companies, real estate companies, mobile home parks, apartments, and commercial properties. To that end, we assist with due diligence, preparation of letters of intent, asset sale agreements, stock sale agreements, security agreements, pledge agreements, promissory notes, and all other documentation necessary to protect our client's interest. Our goal is to be thorough and comprehensive, all with the goal of "making the deal happen."

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