Harris Law Firm App for iPhone and Droid

For Current Clients

Your attorney is as near as your smartphone

A quick and easy way to contact your attorney by email or phone. And a calendar system so you never miss an appointment or court hearing. Set the time, date, and location of your appointment or hearing. Set up reminders to receive alerts 24 hours, 3 hours or one hour before the critical time and date. Set up preferences to email or call your attorney directly from the app. No looking up a phone number or email again. You have your attorney on speed dial.

For Anyone, Client or Not

Valuable tools at your fingertips

Our Accident Center has all the tools you need if you’re ever involved in an accident.

Immediately record witness statements, take photos, record insurance information and GPS coordinates in one organized file. Find the nearest hospital and call the local 911 dispatch center. You can even send the information to your lawyer immediately. Information is priceless when it comes to traumatic events. Memories change or fade so recording the facts of any accident is critically important. The person who most comprehensively records the facts will be in a strong position to receive full recovery for their injuries and losses.