Client Reviews

Rob Harris

"The Family Remained Intact Thanks to Their Effort"

Several months ago I approached your law firm seeking help after my wife served me with divorce papers. Although my wife and I had many reasons to divorce it was not based on hatred but a true desire and understanding that we could not live together any more. I met James King and Marsha Kiss at that time explaining that I feel my wife and I could work out an agreement with their assistance and the cooperation of my wife's lawyer that could avoid costly court hearings, arguments, and the destruction of our family structure. James and Marsha took the challenge and helped both my wife and I arrive at an agreement outside of the courts through joint meetings between the lawyers and the clients in the office of Harris Law Firm. Over time James and Marsha even took the initiative to prepare all the legal documents because, as my wife even noted to me, they were on top of the issues and truly working on us to achieve an agreement between ourselves. Through their efforts and the confidence of my wife being able to talk with me and the lawyers, we (my wife and I ) were able to arrive at an agreement for a Legal Separation that involved dividing marital assets. As of the final signing of the separation papers, my wife and I remain friends and parents to our children and grand children. Most important the family remained intact thanks to their effort and everyones cooperation.

None of this would have been accomplished without the trust, professionalism, and caring of James King and Marsha Kiss. You hire a great staff and I will recommend your law firm to others if the opportunity arises.

I also want to thank the gentleman who manages and is the receptionist at your front desk. I always felt I was dealing with a professional law firm and could find assistance any time I called. He brings a new meaning to communication and connecting the client to attorney relationship. Always friendly, knowledgeable and eager to help.

- Ron P.

"Your Advice and Guidance Were Spot On"

We had our monthly board meeting last night and there was a unanimous request for us to send you a thank you for the help with the ***** embezzlement we suffered. Your advice and guidance were spot on throughout the entire case. Your help was essential to the successful outcome.

And so on behalf of the Board of the Association and all our members, thank you very much for your service to us on our case. Frankly, we hope not to need similar services in the future, but we are in a much better position now having had you as a partner though this unfortunate case.

- From: "President of Home Owner Association"

"Always Available"

Rob Harris has been our attorney since April 2003 when my husband and I started our construction business. Little did I know I would keep him on speed dial for so many things from issues with employees, tax questions, HR issues, family matters and most importantly collecting money from customers. No question or concern is to small. Rob always is available by phone or e-mail. I would and have recommended him to family and friends.

- Construction Business Client

"Not Guilty"

Rob worked hard to handle my case. I had two charges brought against me. One we settled and the other went to trial before a judge. The judge didn't even let Rob Harris present his closing argument before declaring me not guilty! I have used Rob on other matters and his work has always been excellent.

- Criminal Defense Client

Amy Velazquez

"Stellar Performance"

I would like to express my gratitude for Amy Velazquez’s diligence and stellar performance on my family law case. Amy is an intelligent and hard working professional and I was delighted to have her immense talents on my case..

- Family Law Client

"Personable and Very Well-Informed"

I interviewed one other attorney before I talked with Amy Velazquez. She was personable and very well-informed. I appreciated that she listened carefully and discussed the pros and cons. She was responsive to my time frame. I will use her services whenever I need an attorney.

- Client

"Exceeded Expectations"

As I stay-at-home dad for 4 years I walked into Amy's office hoping for someone who could help me keep my son in a stable environment with me. She exceeded all expectations! Amy was very knowledgeable, bringing several ideas and options to the discussion that I had not thought of. She crafted an agreement that addressed everything that we needed to hit. I would recommend (and have recommended) her to others seeking similar help.

- Divorce / Separation Client

"Great Lawyer"

Amy was very helpful and professional in a difficult situation. She was very direct and clear on the best ways to respond. I also liked that she gave us options to consider along with pros and cons of each potential direction under consideration.

- DUII Client

"Absolutely Wonderful"

Amy is absolutely wonderful. She can explain everything in a manner that is easy for anyone to understand and she would never hide anything from you. Amy was recommended to me by a different attorney and I am so glad that she was. I have hired her twice and I would highly recommend her as an attorney to anyone.

- Child Support Client

Paul Vames

"I couldn't have have asked for a better experience"

My experience with Paul and his assistants during my case was very positive.

I was somewhat reluctant to hire a lawyer initially, but after my first meeting with Paul was convinced. He's obviously very knowledgeable, but also impressed me by not pushing me too hard in any one direction when it came to making decisions. He professional, personable and got me a settlement which exceeded all my expectations; I couldn't have have asked for a better experience. I'll certainly recommend your firm to anyone who's in need.

Thank you!

- Ravi

"Great Reliable Lawyer"

I went to see Paul after I was in a almost fatal car accident. Paul was so helpful in getting me in with a reliable chiropracter and doctors. He called me throughout my entire claim to check on me and see how my progress was going. Upon my completion of treatment Paul walked me through how the claim process was going to work and let me know the reality of what our claim could be. He was up-front and honest and never once gave me any false hopes nor did he set the bar too low. He was great! I really appreciated everything that he did for me and my family!

- Car / Auto Accident Client

"One Of The Best!"

I met Paul to discuss a settlement that I had been offered by an insurance company after a car accident. Paul told me that sometimes these negotiations can take several weeks, but to my surprise he was able to double my settlement in 3 days! He made the process very easy. I would recommend Paul to anyone needing legal advice etc.

- Car / Auto Accident Client

"Very Pleased"

I was very happy with the services provided by Paul Vames. From beginning to end, he was honest, sincere and responsive to any and all my questions and concerns. He was upfront, and he followed through with all that was committed too. I would highly recommend him to anyone who was in need of an attorney who has ethics, and values his client's needs and wishes, but is also willing to tell you what you need to hear over what you want to hear...and this my friends, is refreshing.

- Motor Vehicle Accident Client

M. Casey Gibbens

"Decisive, Quick, and Effective"

Casey Gibbens was decisive, quick, and effective. He even refunded some of our retainer money - I didn't believe attorneys ever did that! Thanks for being honest and results-oriented!

- Criminal Defense Client

James King

"You were remarkable and I greatly admire you."


Today Friday was my first day in three months that I felt a burden was off my shoulders. I actually slept for 9 hours straight last night and woke up realizing how much I needed it and the toll it has taken. You were a professional machine the final moments at the court house. You demonstrated skills that showed me the difference between a good lawyer and a great lawyer. You were the best. I don't believe I ever could do what you were able to accomplish at the end. It seems the past three months all came down to success or failure in the last hour. You were remarkable and I greatly admire you. As a lawyer I can see that you not only can bring two people together to head down a path of agreement but the most important skills are handling that last minute challenge to bring it all to a conclusion outside the office of the judge at the final hearing. Talk about pressure….. I'm glad you were there as my lawyer and even you had the ability to make Nancy feel satisfied. Don't know how you can do it.

We will be in touch to wrap this up. Nancy and I are making arrangements for the transfer of the moneys and personal property. We don't see any problems and I am happy it is over.

When this all over I will want to send a note to "Mr Harris" praising your effort.

- Family Law Client

"A real lawyer that cares."

James was a very caring person. He worked with myself and my wife through her lawyer to obtain a very fair settlement. He worked with the intention of achieving an out of court settlement that brought both parties together so that they understood and desired to settle differences with little or no animosity. He focused on the needs of the family and not just the clients. He is a true family lawyer. I would recommend the Harris law firm and James King for your settlement needs. He always answered my phone calls and I felt I had a personal lawyer available all the time. The staff that backed my needs in the office were the best and very professional. I appreciate the opportunity to express my thanks to James.

- Family Law Client

"Just go to James"

James was the only reason my wife and I made it through this last year. We came to him with a very complicated dispute with my wife's ex, who's scary…he has violent felonies..we spent the last year being put through a lot by the man because of some very bad things that were happening to my wife and step son and threats that he made to me , it even got to the point where we felt we needed to file a stalking order. We were barring our doors at night, my pregnant wife sleeping at night and me sleeping during the day so we knew we were all safe at all times…the problem we had is that you have to prove to the court you're threatened…saying you're terrified isn't enough…even if it's real and justified. James ALWAYS made time for us. His work ethic is something not of this universe, in one case we called and left a voicemail for him after hours with a situation we were panicking about, he then called from home almost right away to calm my wife and I down even though he could have easily waited until the next day and it wouldn't have hurt the case at all. Above and beyond.

- Family Law Client

Jennifer Robins

"You Literally Saved My Life"

I wanted to take a minute to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You literally saved my life. My children, family and I will be forever grateful for your help and support!

- Criminal Defense Client

"I Would Gladly Recommend Jennifer Robins"

When I found myself accused in the criminal justice system, I realized that if a person doesn’t respond quickly and correctly the system is set up to quickly and automatically convict and impose harsh penalties. From my first meeting with Jennifer Robins, I felt that even though my situation was serious I would be represented competently and given reason to be hopeful. Jennifer responded on my behalf, filed property paperwork, represented me at required appearances, argued points of law at the DMV hearing, and negotiated a “best outcome” with prosecutors. As a result of her efforts, my driver’s license was not suspended at all, no jail time was imposed and an agreement was negotiated to have the charges dismissed after an agreed period of time. She handled the case as well as could be hoped for. I would gladly recommend Jennifer Robins.

- DUII Client

"She Was Always Available To Me"

Jennifer represented my in a case at the end of 2011. She was always on time, very professional and made me feel at ease. She answered all my inane questions, and helped me get through a very difficult time. She was always available to me even months after my case was completed. I highly recommend Jennifer.

- Criminal Defense Client

"5 Stars For Great Service"

I would rate Jennifer 5 stars for great service. She calmed my nerves and never grew impatient with my many questions

- Criminal Defense Client

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Rob Harris

"Dependable, caring, trustworthy law firm. I would highly recommend!"

My lawyer was Rob Harris at Harris Law Firm. He was very personable with me. I'm 22 and he didn't belittle me or treat me like I was younger - he treated me like an adult. He was always there if I had questions. I liked that he sat with us and talked with us in court. The other lawyers were behind the bar. Anything that came up, he was there. All around fantastic experience.

- Corbin P. (Aloha, OR)

"The best"

Harris Law Firm have worked with my family for about fifteen or twenty years. They're the best--a good law firm.

- James M. (Puyallup, WA)

Amy Velazquez

"Awesome Experience"

My experience with Harris Law Firm and specifically Amy Velazquez was excellent. I have recommended the firm and Amy to many people and will do so in the future. I appreciated her professional acumen along with the efficiency in which my case was resolved.

- Amy R. (Portland, OR)

"Grateful for Amy's work"

I would like to express my gratitude for Amy's diligence and stellar performance on my family law case. Amy is an intelligent, hardworking professional and I was delighted to have her immense talents on my case.

- Pat N. (Hillsboro, OR)

"Very helpful attorney"

Amy is a very helpful attorney. Gave me great advice and helped me through my rough divorce with a fairly good outcome.

- Nick K. (Hillsboro, OR)

"Thank you!!"

I was very pleased with the service provided by Amy Velazquez. She was very thorough and professional in handling of my divorce. I would recommend her to others who may have to go through a similar process.

- John R. (Forest Grove, OR)

"Fantastic experience with Amy"

I hired Amy Velazquez as my attorney, and it was a better experience than I could have imagined. She was prompt, affordable, and incredibly helpful to me in my case. I highly recommend her, and the rest of the Harris law firm.

- Chris L. (Beaverton, OR)

"Most wonderful experience ever!"

I was fortunate enough to find Amy Velazquez. She took my case when no others would. She was very professional and always kept me informed as to what was happening with my case. I had a 20 year old felony warrant. She was able to take care of my case without me having to do any jail time or even having to travel to Oregon. The price she quoted me was the price I paid. It was a fantastic experience!

- Bill T. (Gilbert, AZ)

"Nice work"

Took what was to be a very bad experience and saved my money, time and reputation all at once. Amy was the best, and I recommend this firm to any one who needs competent reliable legal help.

- Andrea S. (North Plains, OR)

Paul Vames

"My attorney truly was an advocate for me"

My attorney truly was an advocate for me, appropriately aggressive on my behalf. I was very satisfied with the representation and the results that I got from both the Harris Law Firm and the attorney who represented me. They did exactly what I wanted. I'm not a person with a great deal of experience with attorneys, which is why I needed someone to represent me. I was treated very well and I got a result far better than what I could have gotten on my own.

- Ruth S. (Hillsboro, OR)

Jennifer Robins

"A Consummate Professional and a Caring, Compassionate Person"

I’m a father in Michigan of a 22 year old daughter living in Portland who was charged with a DUII. As a worried parent from 2000 miles away I knew we needed strong counsel to represent her interests. Without knowing anyone locally, my search for a capable attorney was done exclusively via the internet. After narrowing down my search to a few Portland area firms, it became clear to me that Harris Law firm had the most impressive content, staff and credibility in my urgent search for someone to represent my daughter.

Very shortly after making my inquiry via email I was contacted (the same afternoon) by both phone and email by Jennifer Robins. I had already seen her on the Harris Law firm site and I was quickly comforted to realize I had chose well. I cannot BEGIN to express to great relief I had as a parent, knowing my daughter would have professional and competent representation. My daughter is a tough sell, and after her very first discussion with Jennifer she excitedly tested me that "Jennifer is great."

Jennifer not only did a fantastic job on behalf of my daughter professionally, she also made an impression personally to the point that my daughter has expressed a desire to pursue a law degree with the sincere hope of mentoring from Jennifer. Jennifer is both a consummate professional and a caring, compassionate person that takes genuine interest in her clients.

Speaking on behalf of both myself as a concerned parent, and on behalf of my daughter, I would highly recommend Jennifer.

- Robert J. (Grand Rapids, MI)

"Great attitude and very Helpful and knowledgeable"

The Harris Law Fir was very professional and helpful. Jennifer Robins was nice and knew answers for everything I had questions about. She also was very knowledgeable about my particular case and knew what I must do to get the best outcome.

- Kasdan P. (Hillsboro, OR)

"I would gladly recommend Jennifer Robins"

When I found myself accused in the Criminal Justice System, I realized that if a person doesn't respond quickly and correctly, a system is set up to quickly and automatically convict and impose harsh penalties. From my first meeting with Jennifer Robbins, I felt that, even though my situation was serious, I would be represented competently and given reason to be hopeful. Jennifer Robins responded on my behalf, to file proper paperwork, represent me at required appearances, argue points of law at the D.M.V. hearing and negotiate "Best Outcome" with prosecutors. As a result of her efforts, my driver's license was not suspended at all, no jail was imposed, and an agreement was negotiated to have the charges dismissed after an agreed period of time. My estimation of the handling of my case was, best that could be hoped for, and on a 1-5 star rating, "Five Stars".

- Joseph S. (Tigard, OR)


I would rate Jennifer 5 stars for great service. She calmed my nerves and never grew impatient with my many questions.

- Angie B. (Tigard, OR)

Casey Gibbens

"Very positive"

I had gotten rear-ended and injured so I had to deal with physical therapy costs. My lawyer from Harris Law Firm, I believe his name was Casey, was very professional and we had a similar personality type: calming, thorough, and he didn't make me feel rushed. He also got the whole picture because he really listened to me.

The most interesting thing was that I wanted to be fair but didn't want to come up with a lot of expenses so he took that on. I told him that I didn't want to deal with phone calls from people or the paperwork--I just want you take care of it. His fee was also based on whatever the outcome was so I didn't part with any money. He was able to present my case fairly and there was an award, which he took one third of--the amount we agreed on beforehand. I thought he did a very good job, he was timely about his letters and phone calls and he worked with the insurance company well. It all worked out well.

- Mary F. (Harrisburg, OR)

"Our Lawyer was so caring and understanding"

We deal with Casey Gibbens, he has been there for us many times, between my car accident, my son car accident and my wife and daughter car accident, we knew we could count on Casey to explain all the legal avenues and still be understanding and carrying regarding our family. We have several times referred friends and family to the Harris Law Firm and we will continue to do so in the future.

- Robert U. (Beaverton, OR)

Matthew McKean

"Harris Law Firm provides exemplary service! I highly recommend them."

Matthew McKean helped me with a rather complicated estate matter. He was both competent and kind and did an excellent job for me. It was such a relief to know that I could rely on his expertise and feel confident that everything was being handled properly and promptly. His assistant Desi was also wonderful - always helpful and supportive.

I would recommend Harris Law Firm without reservation. They are the best!

- Diane L. (Portland, OR)

"Family Law (Divorce)"

Matthew Mckean was always upfront and available with information pertaining to my case. He always had my best interest in dealing with the divorce and money issues.

- Daniel B. (Vancouver, WA)

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