Oregon Ignition Interlock Device Providers

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Oregon Ignition Interlock Device Providers

By: Oregon DUII Layers

As Portland DUII attorneys, we assist our criminal defense clients not only during the DUII investigation, pre trial and trial phases, we also help them if the court or DMV imposes conditions or sanctions.

Whether someone is convicted of a driving under the influence, or is placed on Diversion for a DUII, Oregon DUII law now often requires an ignition interlock device. Otherwise, Oregon DMV will suspend your license.

One very common question we get is, What will it cost and where do I get an Ignition Interlock Device in Oregon. The cost will depend on the provider. But attached as a PDF document is a list of ignition interlock device providers in the Portland Oregon area. I hope this helps.

If you have a pending Portland DUI charge, please visit our page on Oregon DUI Law for more information, and what the Harris Velázquez Gibbens can do to mitigate the consequences to you.

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