Portland attorney Paul Vames

Auto Insurance Law In Oregon: Important Changes Are Around The Corner

By: Paul Vames
Auto insurance is mandatory for all drivers in Oregon. In addition to liability coverage, every auto insurance policy delivered in Oregon must include Personal Injury Protection coverage. Purchasers of auto insurance in Oregon also can (and in most cases should) purchase Underinsured Motorist coverage. Here we will briefly discuss those types of insurance coverage and some very important changes soon to take effect under SB411.

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Portland Personal Injury Attorney Paul Vames

Hit By Bad Driver? What To Do When Other Driver's Insurance Company Calls

By: Paul J. Vames
Let's say, for example, your car has been rear-ended on the freeway or at a stop light. Your rear bumper and trunk are smashed. Your neck and shoulders snap back from the force of the collision and begin to ache. You develop a headache and experience a feeling of disorientation. Your joints are sore.

Your primary concern following an injury accident is to feel better and ensure that your injuries are not serious. Your first instinct should be to seek immediate and appropriate medical care from a physician or hospital emergency department. In Oregon, where PIP coverage is mandatory under State law, you can and should get the immediate medical care you need without delay. You paid premiums for this coverage and are entitled to the best care available. PIP is YOUR coverage under your insurance policy. Cooperate with your own insurer and your medical bills will be paid.

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Portland attorney Laura BurgeePortland attorney Robert Harris

Injured In An Auto Accident by An Underinsured Driver? Help Is On The Way

By: Laura Burgee and Robert Harris
No one wants to deal with the aftermath of a car accident, but with the number of cars on the road, accidents happen. The important thing is to know what to do if you’re involved in a collision and what your rights are when the accident that is not your fault. Most people know to exchange information with the other driver and let the insurance companies know that there has been a collision for which you want your damages covered. Most people also know that they can be compensated by the at-fault driver’s insurance company for their medical bills, lost wages, travel costs, and other damages.

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