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Joint Legal Custody

In Oregon a Judge doesn’t have the authority to order the parties to share joint legal custody of children unless both parents agree. If the parties are unable to agree on a joint legal custody arrangement, the court must order sole legal custody to one parent or the other. If one parent is awarded sole legal custody or the parties agree that one person should be the sole custodial parent, that parent has the ability to make major decisions for the child. Those decisions include things such as what school they will attend, what religion the child will practice and what types of medical interventions will be authorized on behalf of the child.

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Custody - Parenting Time

Custody and parenting time visitation are separate issues. For instance, a parent might have joint legal custody, but have an every other weekend style parenting plan. Or, a parent might have sole legal custody, but share a 50/50 parenting plan with the non-custodial parent. If the parents are unable to come to an agreement on parenting time or legal custody, the parties are required to engage in a mediation orientation and a mediation session

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