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The probate attorneys at Harris Velázquez Gibbens are highly experienced and trusted in affordably settling complex Oregon probate cases. We have satisfied many small and large clients in Beaverton, Hillsboro, Lake Oswego, and Tigard, Tualatin Oregon.
Find qualified probate attorney answers to these probate legal questions:

1) Do I need a probate lawyer?
2) How long does probate take?
3) What are the costs involved in probate?
4) Does probate mean more taxes?
5) Can I save money on my small estate probate?


Probate, guardianships and conservatorships in Oregon involve a good deal of paperwork that must be filed by a probate attorney in a timely manner. To achieve the results you want, probate should be handled by a qualified probate attorney with an understanding of the legal principles involved. An experienced probate lawyer / attorney can help you avoid the many possible tax traps and other problems that could arise. Also, a lawyer /attorney can help you prepare and file the legal documents and prepare you for hearings in court. Making a mistake with a probate or guardianship or conservatorship can cost a lot of money, delay the distribution of assets, and even put an inheritance at risk for probate taxation or debts that could have been avoided by hiring a qualified probate attorney.


In Beaverton, Hillsboro, Lake Oswego, Tigard, Tualatin Oregon, or any other Oregon city, probate can be started immediately after death and takes a minimum of six to nine months. If the estate in probate includes property that takes a while to sell, or if there are complicated tax or other matters, probate can last much longer. A probate attorney cannot file a small estates proceeding until 30 days after death and generally takes four to six months.


Under Oregon probate law, a personal representative is entitled to a fixed percentage of the value of the total estate. Extra costs may be approved by the court for the personal representative and a lawyer / attorney, if the estate is complicated. Other costs include, attorney fees, court filing fees, legal notices published in the local newspaper and any other necessary expenses. Lawyers generally charge an hourly rate for their services. Every estate is different so it's important to hire a trusted and qualified probate attorney. The type of assets, number of beneficiaries and possible conflicts between beneficiaries all effect the cost of probate in Oregon.


Unlikely. Very few estates are “taxable” under Oregon probate law. In fact, there are tax advantages to inheriting property but you'll definitely need a probate attorney to see the rewards. The standard tax credit has been changing every year, so you should ask your lawyer, attorney, or CPA about the current tax threshold for estates in probate.


Oregon probate law allows an abbreviated procedure for handling small estates that would otherwise require a full probate. If an estate fits in this category, the cost and time for distributing the estate assets may be greatly reduced by a competent probate attorney. This abbreviated procedure can be used if the estate’s personal property is valued at no more than $50,000 and real property is valued at no more than $150,000, for a total aggregate estate value of no more than $200,000. Our attorneys can assist you with preparation of the Small estate at significantly less cost than a probate.

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